Why Build With Duralite Panel?

Duralite Panel has aready place in today's construction industry. The combination of its special characteristics and properties puts it a class above the rest.

Light in weight with strength, durability, hig thermal and acoustic insulation, and excellent fire resistance make it an ideal material for roof decking, concrete shuttering of structural columns and lift wells, insulation of cold rooms and drying klin and various others.

Properties of Duralite Panel

Excellent Thermal Insulation

Compared to brick, an inch of Duralite Panel has the same insulation value as fourteen inches of brickwork. It keeps the heat out and the cool it has a thermal conductivity 'K' value of 0.45.3 th/sq.ft/inch/_F

Outstanding Acoustic Properties

Duralite Panel does not transmit sound. It absorbs sound and insulates against penetration. Three inches of Duralite Panel provides an average noise transmission reduction of 48 decibels over the frequencies 200-4,000Hz

Very High Resistance to Fire

Duralite Panel does not burn. It only chars under extreme heat. A two inch thick Duralite Panel slabs has more than one hour Fire Resistance Period. Duralite Panel has a Class 1 surface according to the Building regulations 1984.

Workability : Highly Flexible and Easy To Construct

Duralite Panel speeds construction and eliminate wet trades. It is easy to handle and easily stacked

  • Easy to cut using ordinary hand saw, electric saw or router to any shape
  • Can be drilled ,nailed, screwed & bolted
  • Can be glued
  • Can be plastered
  • Can be tiled
  • Can be painted

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Introducing Duralite. The most versatile construction material for your building needs.